The one about Encounters With Frida Kahlo

I must have heard about her or seen pictures or paintings of her many times  before it ever registered in my brain who she was. I’m pretty sure at some point I just thought she was a random (and perhaps popular) historical figure with a unibrow and that was probably one of the most popular things about her; the unibrow. Oh, my ignorance and naïveté!

I began to get more familiar in 2015. I was visiting my friend who was living in Mexico at the time. She lived in Monterey and believe it or not, she lived on ‘Avenida Frida Kahlo’. I’m not sure why Read More

The One About My First Triathlon: Race Recap

First things first. Why did I decide to do a triathlon? Good question! I’m glad you asked. Several times along the journey to race day, I asked myself this question too. After I completed my first [and only] marathon [so far], I knew I didn’t want to train for another one anytime soon but I also wanted to do something that challenged me physically like the triathlon and training for the triathlon did. I’d recently [read 3 years ago] learned to ride a bike, I had been taking swim lessons on and off for 2 years, I had the running down pat, obviously, so a triathlon seemed perfectly logical! Also, I’m turning 30 this year so the goal became: Complete a triathlon before Read More