The one about Reggae Blues

Recently, I traveled to Puerto Rico to celebrate my friend’s birthday with her. It was a fun trip, but short- 7 people strong and a weekend long! It was also my first time in Puerto Rico. The place reminded me so much of Lagos, my hometown.

We stayed at a beautiful apartment 2 minutes walk from the beach with an awesome view (see above- pic was taken from our balcony)

Yes, God is great! Imagine being able to enjoy that view every. single. day. …

But I digress… So apparently, when one goes on a trip with friends, you need to pick a trip anthem. I learned this on the trip. “What is a trip anthem?”, you ask. Well, I’m glad you asked! A trip anthem is a song that you guys just keep singing over and over or playing over and over. Ours was Reggae Blues by Harrysong and a few other people. It is a Nigerian song. I personally think the song is hilarious- my best line, and I think the most popular line, is “even your boo get a boo”. I don’t care too much for the music video but I like the beat. Makes you want to nod your head and move your body a bit. My brother, Templegate, had told me about the song but I had never heard it for myself.

The trip was especially fun for me because I finally got to jet ski!!! It was such a great rush and I won’t say on here how fast I went, but trust me, it was FFFFAST! I even got into the water- and this is a big deal, because I can’t swim. I had a life jacket on though and held on to the jetski for dear life almost the entire time. My friends laughed at me, saying I was doing the Titanic. We had an awesome guide who obliged us in all our picture requests and told us cool stories about San Juan’s history. He told us about Fort del Morro and how it was the only way to get into San Juan in those days.

We rode this free tram around Old San Juan and got to see different parts of the city and enjoy the beautiful day and weather. I would have kept going for hours because I love museums and parks and historic sites but the rest of the crew had other things in mind 🙂 One of the “perks” of traveling with a group, if you know what I mean.

I’d LOVE to hear from you:

  • Have you ever had a trip anthem?
  • What did you think of Reggae Blues?
  • Which do you prefer- traveling solo or traveling in a group?

Soon, I will do a blog post on my take on the pros and cons of both. Thanks for reading and please subscribe to the blog and share 🙂

Hasta Luego!

Enjoy some pics I took on the trip.

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  1. tito · November 8, 2015

    Even ya boo get a boo. Good times. Nice write up


    • omobtomtom · November 8, 2015

      Thanks tito! The song will always bring back fun memories from that trip 🙂


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