The one about The Birthday Special!

Hi Everyone!

If you are new to the blog, WELCOME 🙂 This post is about The Birthday Special because …you guessed it- It’s my birthday! (that is, if you are reading this on November 7) Lol. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

This year, I don’t plan to make a great fuss about my birthday, unlike last year. Last year was a ‘milestone’ birthday. I started celebrating from a week priorIMG_6086. I went to Nashville, TN to visit a friend and started my overpriced Coffee ‘habit’ there, we went out to dinner in downtown Nashville all dressed up fancy-like, I treated myself to a yummy dessert (see pic above), I got my hair specially done for my birthday, as well as my nails. I bought a new sweater to wear to work on my birthday, I made a birthday video and even posted it on instagram, I went out to lunch with friends from work and got a piece of extra succulent and yummy red velvet cake for dessert, I went out to dinner with friends the next night in downtown Indianapolis and made everyone dress up all fancy- even got myself a new outfit for that too, I got myself a few presents, got some from others, my friends decorated my apartment door as a surprise, I attended a women’s retreat with some ladies from church, I got so much love from friends and family from all over. It was quite grand and I felt extra special!

One year, I went to Vegas for my birthday. Well, what really happened was- I’ve got 2 friends whose birthdays are close to mine- Oct 31st (yes, Halloween), and Nov 1st. The birthday girl of Nov 1st was having a milestone birthday so we went to Vegas to celebrate with some other friends. That was a fun trip- I will have to make a post about that at some point. Or maybe not- because as they say “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!”

Then another year, in undergrad, I got a surprise birthday party and I really was surprised. So surpriseIMG_0351d that I burst into tears in front of everyone! haha. It was my 20th birthday. The plan was to go out to dinner at a restaurant. I had arranged everything- made the reservations, invited people, told them the time, got ready on time, was actually even on the way there with a bunch of people. All for someone to call at the last minute saying they needed a ride. So we had to go back and get him and I was freaking out because we were late and even more upset because the people in the car didn’t seem to be bothered. lol. So finally, we are on the way to the restaurant again and for some reason, someone in the car had to go back home (also my apartment). I can’t remember the reason they gave now but they just had to go home. It was all I could do not to scream. At the back of my mind, I was also wondering why no one had called me yet asking why I wasn’t at the restaurant. So we get back home and I unlock the door and go in the apartment and there are all these people yelling “SURPRISE!!!”.

I was so confused! How did they get in there? How come they weren’t at the restaurant? When did they get time to IMG_0350decorate? So many thoughts and questions were running through my mind and there was a rush of emotions. Gradually, I felt my face crumple up and all of a sudden, the tears started tumbling down my cheeks and I finally understood why everyone had been acting so weird that day. Why people were needing rides and forgetting important things in the apartment. Why people had made some ‘weird’ comments earlier. Why people had been exchanging ‘funny’ looks all day. It all began to make sense. My friends had somehow managed to contact everyone that was invited to the restaurant and directed them to my place instead. They had cooked lots of yummy food. Even got me a cake- and not just any regular cake. It was a Winnie The Pooh ice cream cake. So special!

Then there was my 18th birthday. Freshman year. My amazing mum was visiting- she said she could NOT miss my 18th. We went shopping the night IMG_0347before to buy stuff she would cook, my birthday cake, my tiara (which I think was her idea), balloons (the regular kind and the big party kind), and a few other things. And while I was sleeping, she stayed up blowing the balloons and decorating the apartment (hand made creative decorations with colored paper my Resident Assistant friend and room mate had got from the office). While I was at school the next day, she cooked the food (her special spaghetti bolognese) and got the place ready. That evening, a few friends came over and ate, had cake, took pictures, met my mum, etc. All the things my mum did for my birthday meant a lot to me and made me feel extra special.

So as I said, this year, I plan to have a low key day: take time to reflect and be thankful to God for all my many blessings, pray, talk to my family, maybe go out to eat locally, see a movie at the theaters, or stay at home, watch movies and enjoy some me-time. Or all of the above. Oh, I will probably work on a new blog post too, while I’m at it. Not every year, turnup- some years, chill and be low key 🙂 Either way, I will still feel special.

I am grateful to have another year on this earth. I have learned so much, met many new people, grown as an individual, lived courageously, conquered fears, loved, lost, laughed a lot, danced till past midnight, seen new places, tried new things, experienced pain, experienced joy- true joy, smiled a lot, run 2 half-marathons, and achieved many things I never even dreamed that I would. And I’m starting a new journey-blogging. I’m excited to see where it will go and Oh, the places I’ll go!

So I challenge you all- try something new, truly live! Embrace your fears, own them, and do that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Who cares what the people say or think? Life is short.

Cheers to many many more awesome years!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo



  1. Omorin · November 7, 2015

    Omo-b! Lovely write-up! Happy birthday dearie! Love you lots!


  2. Abi · November 15, 2015

    Awwwwww!!!!!! Bless your mum!


  3. Deyo · November 16, 2015

    Renie, the pictures dont enlarge when i double click it… Happy birthday darling


    • omobtomtom · November 16, 2015

      Thank you!! I just tried it on my phone. The in text ones didn’t enlarge but the ones at the bottom did.


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