The one about The King Of The Baby Goat

El Rey Del Cabrito

That is Spanish for “The King of the Baby Goat”. This is a restaurant that I went to while I was in Mexico. I have a friend from work who is from Mexico and before I went, I asked him for fun things to do/places to go while I was down there. This restaurant was on his list. When I also asked my friend who I was going to be staying with about things to do when I came down, she had this restaurant on her list too so I was like, well then, I shall have to go to this place!

So yes, you guessed it- their specialty there is baby goat meat! “Why baby goat, and not adult goat?” you might ask. It’s ok- I asked this too and I was told that it’s because the meat is tender (er). I’ve had (adult) goat meat before and it is very tasty if cooked and seasoned right. In fact, it is quite the delicacy in Nigerian culture. If one goes to a party and hear that there is goat meat, especially peppered/stewed goat meat or goat meat pepper soup or asun … – let me just stop there- that is enough to lift your spirits.

It’s funny because before the trip and even a few days into the trip, I didn’t pay much attention to the meaning of the name of the restaurant. I think I may have asked what Cabrito meant and I was told baby goat and that was that. But as I was continually surrounded by the Spanish language as the days went on, I started to pick up a few words and recall things I had learned when I was taking Spanish classes a year before. For example, I eventually remembered that Rey meant King. So one day, when I said the sentence out loud, I randomly exclaimed in the car “I know what El Rey Del Cabrito means!”. I was so excited- as if I had discovered something quite profound like why when you throw objects up, they come back down. The others in the car didn’t seem impressed.

Kind of like when I finally realized what Casablanca meant. Again, this happened in Mexico, after being exposed to hardcore Spanish for about a week continuously. On this day, we were also in the car, listening to the radio, in Spanish. The newscaster said something about some casa blanca. I’m not sure if they were talking about the U.S. White House or literally a house painted white; my Spanish isn’t that good yet :). For sure, I knew that Casa meant house even before going to Mexico or starting my Spanish classes. Everyone knows the saying: “Mi casa, su casa”. I knew that blanco meant white and I also knew that the feminine of blanco was blanca. However, whenever I had heard the word Casablanca, usually in reference to the 1940s movie, which I have never watched by the way, that was all I thought about- some movie. Maybe it is because in Spanish, the words are usually in reverse order from English that I never made the connection. For example, White House is not Blanca Casa, but Casa Blanca. The Epiphany! But I digress…

The food at El Rey Del Cabrito was delicious. Of course, we had to order the baby goat. How could we come to The King of the Baby Goat  and not order a baby goat?? We actually ordered half a baby goat and I kid you not, the whole half was brought to our table- including half the head! I was so excited to see the food come out, and not just because I was hungry. Platter after platter of deliciousness was brought to our table. It came still sizzling with the steam coming out and was quite tasty. Apart from the food, the interior and ambience was great. Service was also great. I enjoyed my visit there and I recommend it for the experience.

Have you tried new food recently? Or food that’s been prepared a bit differently from how you are used to it? Leave a comment below to share the experience!



  1. Deyo · November 16, 2015

    Good read. Ajala travel *smiley face*


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