The one about Itchy Bee

It made perfect sense to me. If you got stung by a bee, it would sting, first of all, but the site of the bite would also itch. That’s what I think, I’ve never actually been stung by a bee [knock on wood]. I also thought it made for a catchy restaurant [or other business establishment] name. But why anyone would want to go to a restaurant named Itchy Bee was beyond me. And this is precisely why I made no comment when Lola talked about how expensive the Uber ride was when she went to Itchy Bee.

We were in the car on our way to the grocery store one of the days I was in Monterrey, Mexico. I was just curious about how expensive transportation was. I asked questions like if Lola had ever gone on the bus or how she got around when the car wasn’t available.

So she talked about taking taxis and Ubers and the pros and cons of each. Pros and cons included the fares. That was when she made a comment about how expensive it was to go to Itchy Bee, which was apparently round the corner. I immediately told myself I would never go to Itchy Bee, just so I didn’t get cheated by an Uber or taxi driver. Who wanted to go to a restaurant named Itchy Bee anyway?

So we get to the grocery store and we are doing the shopping and I started to notice how the store had their own brand of products. Just like Walmart has their own brand of everything and they call it Great Value. So this store had H.E.B. written on a lot of the products. Then Lola mentioned Itchy Bee again- or was it H. E. B. ? Then it clicked!

H.E.B. was Itchy Bee! Now it made more sense. I guess when one is speaking fast, H.E.B. could sound like Itchy Bee? Try it. Also, I had never even heard of H.E.B. before so I could not have put two and two together. Right? Help me out here guys- I’m struggling to redeem myself. lol

Apparently though, we have H.E.B. in the US as well. I believe there are some in Texas and that makes sense- it’s close to Mexico. I told one of my friends about this and he told me H.E.B. means Here Everything’s Better. Still not sure if he was pulling my legs and I’m too lazy to google it :P.

I’m low key hoping there is actually a restaurant called Itchy Bee. Would you go for a meal at a restaurant named Itchy Bee? What’s the weirdest/wittiest named restaurant you’ve ever been to?

Cheers to unconventionally named restaurants!



  1. mukul chand · December 19, 2015

    Great Post

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