The one about 15 Days In Japan

Today’s post is a first of it’s kind on Oh the Places She’ll Go. This is because I am featuring my first guest! *drum roll*

I’ve known Alfonso since June 2011. We met the first day of orientation at our first grown up jobs and even though we’ve never worked in the same building, let alone same state, we have done a great job of maintaining and growing our friendship throughout these years.

He is a sucker for wanderlust, like me, and has traveled to 21 countries, spanning 4 continents. He is also a great photographer- seriously, check out his instagram page, and has won multiple awards for his pictures. He enjoys hiking and meeting fellow wanderlusters.

Recently, he took a 15 day trip to Japan and I’m honored, really privileged, to share his journey with you through a selection of his pictures and the captions he paired with each picture.

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The one about My Algarve Adventures

I visited The Algarve in Portugal in late December 2015/early January 2016 and I must say, it was a fabulous time! I visited with my sister and her family. I was super excited as it was a new country for me. I did A LOT of research on things to do prior to the trip. But then guess what this genius did? She left all the immaculately detailed research on the laptop she did not bring with her on holiday and it wasn’t on any online storage platform aka the cloud! So what to do?

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The one about The Cocks In The Algarve

They were everywhere. Literally. And quite impressive looking too! The Portuguese people are so proud of them, they were on display everywhere we went in the Algarve. They had cock shaped fridge magnets, fridge magnets with pictures of cocks, postcards with cocks on them, wine bottle stoppers with cock shaped toppers, photo frames with cocks on them … it was endless! All sizes and colors including black, white, and the occasional blue ;). Read More