The one about Visiting Oil Fields In North Dakota

It used to be that [a country] having oil was synonymous with being wealthy. That may still be the case, I suppose. But with the way oil prices have fallen significantly of recent, I am not sure that I can ‘look at’ oil the same way until things improve. Previously, whenever I heard [crude] oil, in my mind’s eye, I saw $$$ signs. haha.

Anyway, the time I went to North Dakota was when oil was still heavily respected [by me] so I was pretty excited. Read More

The one about Turning 10 Vacation Days To 40

So you finally landed your first grown up job. Well done on all that graduation stuff! Then they tell you you’ve got 10 whole days of vacation for the entire month year! Say what now? What happened to spring break? and fall break? and summer break??? RUDE!!

Well, fret not. I am here to help you multiply those vacation days like a pro! Read More

The one about Moonshine Tasting

By the third one, I was done.

Correction- I didn’t even get as far as starting on the third one. I had to humbly decline after number two. I was trying to live in the moment, experience new things, because #yolo. But even that has a limit, right? It tasted nasty like fire and it didn’t stop there. I could feel the heat all the way to my stomach. But … I can now say I have tasted moonshine.

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