The one about The Tiniest 5k

Fun fact: I’ve never run a 5k race.

Sure, I’ve completed three half-marathons, so definitely I have run 3.1 or more miles (5 or more km) at several points in time such as training runs and the actual half-marathon races – but never a real 5k race. Funny thing is, when I started to take running seriously, my goal was to run a 5k. I was training for a 5k. And then I disappointed myself and didn’t actually run or sign up …

A couple of weekends ago, I was in Texas and since I had never run in Texas, I definitely had to pack my running shoes. Because, you know, I track places I have run outside. Weird thing, not really.

I spent hours looking for a great place to run. Literally. It was giving me anxiety. For some reason I couldn’t find a close by nice park with running trails. So I did the 5k right in the front yard!


Yep! I was determined to run in Texas. Plus it was gorgeous weather, it would have been a crime not to run. The loop was probably about 0.2 to a quarter mile. So I ran around too many times. See path below. Yes, I got bored. But mind over matter, right?

5k stats.PNG

The one time I made a wider loop was when several dogs tried to attack me. I’m scared of 99% of dogs. Don’t ask me why. I know-they are cute, and loving, and super friendly. But … there’s just something that makes me scared- maybe the fact that they could bite or scratch or even lick me!

So anyway, after running past this tiny dog about 5 times – because the loop was just so small- I encountered two very large dogs who literally lunged at me. Good thing the owner had them on the leash and wrestled them down. At that point, I decided I would have to leave the loop for a bit. For my own safety.

All in all, a pleasant run, decent pace-despite my multiple walk breaks,  and more importantly, I have now added Texas to the list of places I’ve run. And I made it extra official by not stopping at 3 miles, but going to a 5k (3.1 miles)!

In order to avoid future anxiety when I attempt to run in a new city, I would really appreciate if you could put down suggestions/best practices for finding places to run when out of town in the comment section. P.s. I tried using map my run but I’m never sure if it’s an actual trail/running path or just road side or some neighborhood (like I ended up doing). Parks are my preference, because parks are made for running :P.



Oh, another fun fact- I decided to go down the slide. You know, let my inner kid out. It was a lot of fun …till I couldn’t stop at the end of it and landed on my bum! Good thing, there was no one to see it, apart from my running partner :).





  1. ayorindethomas · April 16, 2016

    Good luck, Mo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. deyo · May 1, 2016

    renie…. keep it up! #fitfam

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