The one about The Dream I Had Last Night

Last night I had a dream. Well, it was more like a day dream that I had at night, in bed, as opposed to a dream-dream. It was a happy one.

It started in a different country. I think I started in Iceland. I was exploring, meeting new people, eating new foods, laughing, dancing … Then I was in India, it was very colorful and happy. Then I was in China, climbing the great wall. Then Bali, Indonesia; then Bangkok, traveling by some sort of water vehicle. Then Japan, trying to read Japanese symbols. Then I was in Brazil, I was learning, really, struggling to communicate in Portuguese. But I was still happy and laughing, and at peace, and growing, and learning.

 It was a period of at least a year, continuously, all these travels combined.

 Then I was back home. At work. The end.

 Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do for a living, I just also love traveling to new places and right now, the travel love is strong!

 I’ve pondered on this and it seems like, at the moment, my best bet to being able to afford to travel like in my dreams is to keep my day job – well, unless I marry a millionaire or win the lottery (which I don’t play anyway).

 So yes, I had better stick to engineering :).

 Keep dreaming, friends; don’t stop!!!


 p.s. I have not visited any of the places listed above but I hope to one of these days. Instead, I will reminisce on the fun times I’ve had in the places I have visited.


Header Photo: Downtown Chicago, July 2015. Photo by O Thomas.



  1. elatlboy · May 6, 2016

    I frequently have dreams about being in other places and traveling. Actually, those same kind of dreams enter my mind all day long while at the day job too. Lots of wanderlust built in within me I guess. Try to spend every minute I can exploring, traveling even if it is close to home. :).

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