The one about My Grand Canyon Adventures

I had just got back from the Christmas/New Year Holidays in England and Portugal and I was back at work. So understandably, I had contracted a very serious case of wanderlust almost immediately upon my return. I started to make a list (I love lists!) of places I would like to visit- I’m not sure why I thought this would be helpful but it turns out it was because  Read More

The one about Running At An Elevation of 7,000 ft.

Considering that over 90% of my running has been done at an elevation of about 600 ft., you can imagine that running at an elevation of close to 7 thousand (7,000) ft. probably felt a tad bit different. And that was definitely a huge understatement!

Why on earth would I go somewhere ~7,000 ft. above sea level to run? Well, I am glad you asked! No, I am not training for the Boston Marathon, or any race for that matter. I was in  Read More

The one about Being Silent In The Sistine Chapel

[Continued from previous post …]

As I was processing the sight before me, I noticed a man starting to walk towards me. He asked if I wanted to tour the Vatican museum. I cautiously said yes- trying to tread the fine line between being smart and safe and being rude and abrupt. My appearance probably screamed “tourist! tourist! come take advantage of my naivete” He said he could get me in and I would skip the line. I glanced at the queue again and said “tell me more …” Read More