The one about The Pre Race Hallucinations

September 10, 2016 is a big deal. It is going to be a day of several firsts for me. My first race of 2016, my first race that’s not a half marathon, my first obstacle race, my first race post foot injury … so as you can imagine, I’ve been a little more than slightly nervous. So nervous that I started hallucinating! Ok, not really- I just had a super weird dream.

I occasionally (a little more than occasionally) have weird dreams. However, I never really remember them, barely minutes after waking up. I only remember very disjointed parts of it. The weirdest thing is how real it feels at the time even though the things that happen are sometimes naturally impossible- yet during the dream, I am convinced they are real! It’s weird. Hopefully, this happens to everyone else too.

Sometimes, I even wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, go back to sleep, and then resume the dream- right where I left off. Other times, I get the feeling of deja vu in my dreams, like I have dreamed that dream multiple times. Not sure if this is even possible or if that was the case in those dreams. Anyway, back to this dream!

This dream was so bizarre that once I woke up, I immediately recorded a voice note on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget what happened in the dream. That was a good idea because even by then, it turns out I had forgotten a lot!

In the dream, my right hand below the elbow and my left leg below the knee had been amputated; and I was strangely ok with it and calm about it. Like I wasn’t crying or miserable or anything- just carrying on with life like half the population had the same condition.

They were amputated because I had been in an explosion. However, weird thing number one- I didn’t have burns on my skin- not that much of my skin was exposed in the dream for me to see but I knew I had no burns. I also know they were amputated because at some point in the dream, I still had the bandages on and they were a bit bloody. In the dream, I always had long sleeves and long jeans on so I couldn’t really see the absence of limbs but I felt weird in my left foot whenever I walked so I knew I didn’t have that leg.

So how did the explosion happen? I was an unofficial cast member in a Cornflakes ad. Yes- Cornflakes ad. How random is that??? I don’t even eat Cornflakes!! At first, I was just watching the filming. It was a set in a studio and it was a family’s kitchen. They were all eating the Cornflakes and the Cornflakes was supposedly so good that their neighbors wanted some of the action and were trying to break down the door to get in.

However, there were a lot of neighbors, and it looked like the other side of the door they were trying to come in from was some sort of nightclub. Lots of people dancing to loud music and generally having a good time. Someone also mentioned something about a grill and some barbecue and I thought to myself that was probably not safe around there- being as the set was probably really flammable.

A girl that I recognize from a trip I took in undergrad (and have never seen since then, except for Facebook posts) saw me watching the set and asked me to be one of the cast members. It’ll be fun, she said. She just had to stick something on my back. I forget what it was for. She put a used one on me and I thought it was ok because I was a late addition to the filming, but then I saw other late additions getting brand new sticky things. Minor detail, but something I vividly remember.

So anyway, something must have malfunctioned with the grill because apparently, there was an explosion, which I didn’t remember, and I was suddenly 2 limbs short. I don’t remember anyone else losing limbs though.

I remember that I was not sad. I felt like it was my ‘punishment’ for joining an ad I wasn’t supposed to be in, getting something stuck on my back- a used one at that, and not expressing my concern about the grill. I temporarily felt disappointed when I realized I would not be able to ever wear the nice dress I had just bought the last weekend. But then I told myself it would be ok because I would get prosthesis. I was probably currently wearing prosthesis, but I couldn’t tell for sure since I was wearing long jeans.

Then the tragedy happened- I saw a bunch of runners finishing their long run.

That’s when it suddenly hit me: I would never be able to run again! Not with one natural hand and one natural leg (I don’t know if this is true but I was convinced of it in my dream). I felt that even prosthesis would not help me. So I would not be able to run my race on September 10 or any other race.

But the silver lining arrived within seconds- I told myself that with prosthesis I could ride a bike or get a bike modified specially for me. And then I smiled again.

I don’t even know how to ride a bike. Just this summer, I started learning. I am still trying and getting better each time I practice. So when I woke up, I took it as a sign to keep practicing more frequently and that maybe if it became my new ‘running’, it wouldn’t be so bad … or maybe it’s a step 2 towards my future triathlon (as I don’t know how to swim either 🙂 ).

So yes, I am grateful I woke up and still had 4 limbs. Please pray for me and send me good vibes as I participate in the Warrior Dash this weekend. My goal is to have fun and finish in ‘decent’ time- whatever that means :).


What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?


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