The one about Having A Large Appendix

“I have a large appendix.” – This was how someone started a sentence today. At work. Being the overthinker that I am, I started to wonder – is there even such a thing? I had never heard of it! I wondered if it had any medical implications, if it caused discomfort or pain, a protruding belly, etc …

Turns out it was nothing physiological, much to my relief!

We were having a discussion about giving effective presentations and the facilitator asked how each of us dealt with being nervous before or during a presentation.

And this girl started her response with “I have a large appendix.” No kidding, it took me a few seconds to follow her train of thought. I was like, do large appendixes help with feelings of nervousness? Wow! That’s amazing! What a lucky girl! Good for her! But how though? …

Apparently, in her slide deck, she includes a large amount of slides in the appendix section as reference material so that if someone asks her a question that could trip her up, the answer is right there. Hence, she doesn’t feel too nervous when giving presentations.

Makes total sense.After a few seconds of processing- if you are me.

But please, never, ever, start a sentence with “I have a large appendix.”

You’re welcome :).



  1. Brittany · October 19, 2016

    HA! My mind would have gone to the same place.

    Liked by 1 person

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