The one about The Lake Runs

A few weekends ago, I went to Chicago–so you know I was definitely going to get a run in. I had run once in Chicago before, but it was in a quiet residential neighborhood; nothing too spectacular. It was while I was training for a half marathon (that I broke my personal record in, by the way) and I had 4 miles on the schedule. There was a tiny park in front of my friend’s apartment and for real, I must have run around that park about 20 times just to get the 4 miles in!

This time, I was staying with a friend who lives right by the lake. I kid you not- ‘no more than 5 minutes walk from Navy Pier’ close to the lake. So of course, I had to indulge.

Never mind that it was cold, or that I was up very late the night before (or that morning). I got up, laced up those shoes and headed straight for Lake Shore Blvd.



It was an amazing run- the sun was out, there were other walkers and runners about, some cyclists, the boats were glistening and bobbing in the water, the skyscrapers looked magnificent, awesome views, even the traffic on the roads didn’t do much to diminish the great feeling. And I was maintaining a great pace. Perfection. 


Who wouldn’t want to run with a view like that?

I people watched, took some pictures, ran by several museums, and was generally having a great time until the unthinkable happened shortly after mile 2. My right foot began to hurt. Because I am so much smarter now, having had several injuries, I decided to stop running. I am still sort of recovering from my left foot injury so in order not to become completely cut-off, I knew I had to stop.


One of the museums

It was so difficult to make that decision- especially as I wasn’t even tired, it was a fun run with lots to see, and there were so many people out running-having a blast! I had to walk limp back to the apartment, but I was grateful that I had 2 great miles along the lake :).

The next day, I was in Evanston, IL which is about 30 minutes north of Chicago, to visit my friend who is pursuing her MBA at Kellogg school of business at Northwestern University. It was my first time in Evanston so of course, I had to run outside.

If you are new to my blog, you may or may not know that I maintain a list of places I have run outside (amongst other lists) and if I ever travel somewhere new, I try to run outside if I can.


So peaceful, so serene

Again, luckily, my friend’s apartment was less than 5 minutes’ walk from the lake. However, since my foot still hurt from the day before, I only ran a mile- because that is my threshold to consider it ‘a run’. After a mile, I kept on walking because the path leads straight into Northwestern’s campus; so I took this time to give myself a mini tour.


The beach- Northwestern in the distance

There were a lot of rocks along the shore of the lake and most of them had been painted very creatively so I took a lot of pictures here. I think the most creative was the Jaws one :).


The shark about to eat ‘friends’


so many ‘stories that touch’

Because I had a lot of time on my hands and I was enjoying the solitude, I decided to pick a rock to sit on and ponder life’s mysteries. Then I got bored and facetimed my sister during which my battery died– before I could message my friend to come open her apartment building for me in 5 minutes.


The rock upon which I sat 🙂 …


… and stretched out my legs …


…while watching the boats in the distance [and people watching]


and staring at this beauty for what seemed like forever …


So guess who ended up stranded outside the apartment building for almost half an hour with no way of contacting said friend?? This very smart girl. #facepalm


At least I got a cute selfie out of the ordeal 🙂




Header photo: Fall Colors in Evanston, IL by O Thomas October 2016



  1. Brittany · November 17, 2016

    Beautiful run!! I would love to run here.

    Liked by 1 person

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