The one about The Brides [And Brooms] Of 2016

Funny story- when one of my nephews was younger, he thought the term was Bride and Broom! Makes sense right? The first 2 letters of both words should be identical! ;).

This year, I had the pleasure of attending quite a few (to put it mildly) weddings. It seemed like every weekend I was at a wedding- which of course, isn’t true but it felt like it to my friends and co-workers, and sometimes to me. What can I say? 2016 was the year for weddings!

For a lot of them, I had to travel out of state so that was fun; I got to visit some new places. And for two of them, the two in September, I got to be a bridesmaid. First time ever!

Here are a couple of pictures from each of the weddings.


March- The Jebavys, Bloomington, IN

The bride (not pictured) is a friend I met when I lived in Tennessee and we ended up working at the same company! My plus one is a sweet friend I met at work- we didn’t plan to both wear red :).


April- The Odohs, Houston, TX

The bride was a classmate in high school so this was a nice high school reunion of sorts :). The girl in the selfie with me is another high school classmate and she was a bridesmaid.

June- The Kapends, Indianapolis, IN

I went to college with the bride. My plus one is a friend I met through another friend who I met at a meet and greet aka an event I don’t normally go to. lol.


July- The Turners, Beltsville, MD

I met the bride in college and we’ve been friends since. After college we both moved away but kept in touch and when she was living and working in Mexico, I visited and had a great time :). This wedding was a nice college reunion too.

August- The Offiahs, Cincinnati, OH

Friends from college. I met the groom first, freshman year of college then met the bride the following year when she started college and we’ve been friends since. I caught the bouquet at their wedding! Effortlessly, I might add ;).

September- The Blooms, Staten Island, NY

The bride is my friend since I was about 12 or so. We had many a sleepover, play date, and weekend over. It was such a joy to be a bridesmaid at her African Traditional wedding. The Jewish ceremony is in March next year and I’m excited for that- another first for me :). And my handsome plus one is my brother who totally surprised me by showing up for this wedding! For all I knew he was in the UK and next thing, he was right beside me!


September- The Narteys, Carmel, IN

Bridesmaid duty number 2! I have known the bride since day 1 at college. She was my college room mate and is the best ever. She made sure I never went hungry (lol) and introduced me to so many people!


November- The Ezehs, Atlanta, GA

I knew the bride before I knew the bride. lol. We went to the same high school but I didn’t knew her then. The same college, but I didn’t know her then. Then worked at the same company, but different locations. In the other picture, my plus one and I are with her sister, who also went to the same high school and college and worked at same company. My plus one went to same high school and college- but not same company- she decided to be a doctor instead of an engineer 😛

December- The Hacketts, Columbus, IN

The bride and groom both attend my church and are members of my community group. The bride is also a member of my discipleship group. Below is our entire group and we are so excited for this newly wedded red-headed couple!


I’m glad I got to celebrate with so many couples this year. I wish them all a wonderful marriage and God’s blessings! I guess in a year or two it will be baby showers!

❤ ❤ ❤

What’s the most amount of weddings you’ve attended in a year?



  1. weekendcampervanning · December 28, 2016

    Wow, so many weddings – the most I attended in one year was four.

    Liked by 1 person

    • omobtomtom · December 29, 2016

      oh wow- 2016 must have been the year in my circles then 🙂


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