The one about My Time At Harvard

Yes, the one, the only– Harvard University. It’s a little known fact that I spent some time at Harvard, about 4 years ago now. From a young age, I knew what Harvard was and it was a dream of mine to attend university there. Granted, it wasn’t that serious of a dream, but I thought it would be nice. I mean, after all, all the smartest people went there, so I thought. Therefore, that was where I belonged.

Then reality hit, I soon realized that wouldn’t be happening, and I found myself in the backsides of lovely Indiana :). It worked out pretty well for me though because Purdue [Go Boilers!] is like the Ivy League of Engineering universities, just like MIT.

When it was time for grad school, I considered applying at Harvard; the dream, though dormant, was still alive. Then I remembered once again: Harvard wasn’t an Ivy League Engineering school.

Then I thought, well, there’s always the possibility of an MBA! They are great for that.

Fast forward to a few years later in grad school, I went to Boston for a conference for female engineers in the Computer Engineering research field. Luckily for me, I had a friend in the Boston area so I called her up and said “hey girl, let’s hang out, show me your ‘hood” and the rest, as they say, is history!


View from my hotel room.


another view– not the brightest of days, though. Winterish springish.


Boston apparently has one of those!


They pulled quite a crowd, must be a fun party boat 🙂

Before my friend came and got me from my hotel, I decided to explore the surrounding area.


Sky so blue ❤


There’s just something about me being by the water … so calming…


Before selfies were all the rage. 2013!


The name of this restaurant made me chuckle 😉

The following is what we got up to that day: First stop- The famous Quincy Market (that I had never heard of before that day)!


I was really trying to get a solo shot. really 😐


Nearby, this guy was doing all sorts of stunts! Also, the first Wagamama I ever saw


Guys, this was April!


I felt like the buildings were going to fold in and swallow us…but it was such a good feeling of being in a large city surrounded by skyscrapers and ancient buildings 🙂

And then, we were off to Harvard!


First order of business– get some books! Being there made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter movie or at Hogwarts. lol.


Of course, we had to take this picture. I’m glad we found the statue because really, we were walking around ‘blindly’.


After that, we drove by MIT– so it wouldn’t feel jealous 😉


I took this picture because the sky was so blue and pretty and later, I liked it even more because of the contrast the red car brings and then later I noticed the buildings. I like this picture, have I said that already?


On the way to the airport, we drove by the library and I thought it was impressive–even from the outside!

…and so ends my Boston story with one of the highlights being ‘my time’ at Harvard ;).

I haven’t been back to Boston since but I’d love to visit again and maybe even attend Harvard properly as I still haven’t gotten an MBA– it seems to be the in-thing these days :).

What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston?


Lots of love, and keep the dream alive!




  1. I love to visit new cities, nice job giving us a tour! I haven’t been to Boston in decades, looks very different. Beautiful pics as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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