The one about A Day In San Luis Potosi

Well, I was actually in San Luis Potosi for about two weeks but on only one day was I able to make it out to do touristy things. Because, work. Yes, even on a Saturday. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to not need to go in to work on Sunday AND coworkers sacrificed part of their weekend to show us around. Happy, happy, joy. joy!

Oh, and fun fact: San Luis Potosi is the name of the city located in the state called … San Luis Potosi! Just like New York, NY :). And yes, San Luis Potosi is the capital of San Luis Potosi state. So it’s San Luis Potosi, SLP. Or SLP, SLP. Or just SLP. 😛

You’re welcome.

It’s also surrounded by mountains. Literally. So every direction you look into the distance, you see something like this:


So awesome!

Although I had been to Mexico before, this was my first time in SLP so I was looking forward to exploring. Sunday also happened to be Palm Sunday so everyone and their mama and grandmama was out in the city center downtown area. There was probably masses all day and on every square, corner, and street, there was a Cathedral, or so it seemed. They take Semana Santa (Holy Week) very seriously at SLP and observe it all week, drawing lots of crowds and visitors from out of state and even outside the country.

I am a huge fan of hop on hop off buses for tourist purposes but even though they didn’t have one, they had the next best thing: a double decker bus with no roof and a loudspeaker for the tour guide. Only Spanish language though, so all of that knowledge was lost on me! haha. My SLP coworkers did their best to translate but I focused on taking pictures and admiring the beautiful ancient buildings. So here goes …


The main cathedral– peep the tourist bus


The grand gates doors of the cathedral



Man emerging from mass clutching his palm fronds in his fist

There were crucifixes and other items locally hand made from palm fronds for sale, conveniently located just steps from the cathedral doors. Lots of vendors too, so healthy competition.


I was able to go into several cathedrals, even when mass was going on. It seemed normal, people walking in and out. The cathedrals were packed but I am not sure how many were tourists and how many were actually there for worship. There were many phones and cameras out, that’s for sure. I tried my best to be respectful. Those ornate ceilings and decorations though! ❤


It seemed like every impressive looking building was either a government building or a cathedral, so here’s some more shots of impressive looking buildings.


Another cathedral


Another view of it. I fancied myself quite the photographer!


This is either a jail or used to be a jail or is (now) a library– #myspanishnotgood


Government Palace– meaning important Government building, not that a king lives there 😉


I think this one is half cathedral, half government building or university. Guess which half is which?

It was such a gorgeous day for walking around. Pretty much everyday I was there was gorgeous except for the night it rained heavily while we were out at dinner.


Insert beach here … por favor!

After we were done with the tour bus, we did some more sight-seeing on foot, then headed to the Museum of Masks. By the way, there are several museums in the downtown area as well a performance theater.

The museum had a lot of ‘interesting’ pieces. Some were of the [current US] political persuasion, while others were geared more towards Mexican orientation. I wished they had more masks to try on, but this was the only one. I (we) made the most of it.


I’m not even sure what animal this is supposed to be


[Part of?] the African collection


Traditional clothes


Inside the museum courtyard

Ooh, and the food! I pretty much became a chips and guac addict down there. Who am I kidding? Let’s leave the innocent chips out of this– a guac junkie! We went to some fun restaurants during those 2 weeks and there was a lot of steak involved. Here are some food/restaurant pics:


For the record, I never ever ordered this. Number one, cheese. Number two, queso. Nuff said. Can you spot the cactus? In the bowl…


Also not my food– at least one thing on that plate was super spicy. I guarantee it.


Good ole pizza- can’t go wrong with that. Or can you? This was my food.


That may or may not be guacamole in the bowl

This is the ambience of one of the restaurants we went to. More than once. They have happy hour where it’s 2 for 1 beers and if it’s your birthday, they get pretty wild. There’s flames involved. And sirens/horns and flashing lights. And shots of course. We’ll leave it at that.


La Cantina

This was a more chill, family-friendly type place — they even  had a play area for kids. They had a birthday thing too, but not as wild. They had a lot of [good] seafood, as good as you can get surrounded my mountains I suppose.


Loved the ceiling decor

I saw a lot of old vintage cars driving around SLP, like a VW Beetle. This one I caught a picture of on our way back from dinner one day.


It was a lot to pack into just a few hours, but we did it! We didn’t get a chance to visit the mining town in the area, Cerro San Pedro, or visit the beautiful La Huasteca but maybe on subsequent visits I will be able to fit them in. Fingers crossed.

Thanks a lot SLP, I had a great time 🙂


That is a human beside me. My coworker dropped a coin in his pot and I got a ‘fortune’, which she had to translate into English for me. lol. Also, it was very very hot but I have a sweater on so that I wouldn’t get sunburnt 🙂

Muchas Gracias y Abrazos!




  1. weekendcampervanning · April 22, 2017

    Wow, you fit so much in your visit to SLP! Looks like such an interesting place. The food looks amazing and now I’m craving guacamole. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. La Potosina · May 20, 2017

    I love your post on SLP I’m originally from there and all the places you share remind me of my beloved country ☺ makes me homesick! If you ever plan to go to La Huasteca I can give you some travel tips about where to visit and eat. Thanks for sharing your trip to this beautiful city!

    Liked by 1 person

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