The one about The Phone Switch Fiasco

I guess I needed adventure in my life because I don’t know how else to explain how I consciously walked into this mess. I was perfectly happy and satisfied- but no, I wanted to have more. And if that was a possibility, why not go for it? Hopefully, my lessons learned can help someone out there in future. Here’s what happened:

I had been an iPhone user since about 2012. I switched from a Blackberry phone and I fell in love with iPhone. It was the best thing ever. It was the closest to having a mac computer which I’ve lusted after for as long as I can remember. Ok, maybe not the closest, since there are such things as iPads (which by the way I’ve never owned). I felt having the iPhone was very very close to having a mac and it did all I needed an iPad for. Anyway, all this to say I had no complaints.

Well, except for the fact that I couldn’t change snooze duration from 9 minutes to anything else. Like how can something so simple not be possible on the iPhone??? And why 9 minutes for goodness sake?? Who snoozes for 9 minutes? Not 8, not 10, not even 5??

Recently, I saw a meme that basically said those whose TV volumes were an odd number are not to be trusted. And I completely agree! LOL.

Needless to say, I have a [slight?] “thing” with numbers. Not sure if it’s because I am an engineer, or am [slightly?] OCD.

So back to where I was before I digressed- I was happy. I started with an iPhone 5, I believe, and worked my way up to the iPhone 7. The phones never broke or malfunctioned but I just wanted to upgrade especially when it was relatively cheap to do so. Basically when a new iPhone came out, the previous one would be reduced to a very ridiculous price and that was the one I would buy. It was still an upgrade for me.

With my iPhone 7, I was on a lease- didn’t buy it outright. The way the lease worked was you pay $x every month for 18 months (lease term). However, after 12 months, you could upgrade for $y a month for another 18 months- being eligible for yet another upgrade after month 12.

I was on month 17 of the lease and I didn’t have any issues but they kept pressuring emailing me about my options and I panicked. My options were to complete my lease term and return the phone (and be phoneless), buy the phone (for a $ amount I was convinced was a rip-off), or upgrade to a new phone, return the current phone, and begin a new lease. I decided to begin a new lease which would cost almost the same as my current lease. Win-win: my phone bill wouldn’t be drastically different and I would have a brand new phone. Makes total sense.

My financially reasonable phone choices were an iPhone 8 and a Samsung S8. They were the closest price points to my current phone. Plus I was promised a $100 gift card and waived activation fee of $30. It would be a roughly net zero loss/gain in the long run. No harm there.

I looked up the specs of the iPhone 8- it was basically an iPhone 7- boring! So I looked at the Samsung S8. It looked cool, seemed cool, exciting, adventurous … but I would lose Facetime- the primary way I communicate with my mum and sister. I have other options but Facetime works the best for me. I started to consider the Samsung S8 seriously.

Then I took to Facebook, the source of all sound advice and asked for people’s opinions. Almost everyone said Samsung- hands down. What I should have asked in addition was- who has successfully switched from an iPhone to a Samsung phone?. The truth is, both phones are probably about the same (at least for my wants and needs), but how easy is it to switch? Well, I was about to find out.

Needless to say, I ordered the Samsung and then they had the guts to ask me to pay for shipping. Ugh! Anyway, a few days later, I then realized I would have to get a new phone case. You see how the expenses start to pile up?? That $100 gift card had better not be delayed.

It’s not that I didn’t think about how I would move my data from the iPhone to the Samsung. I did. A quick Google search seemed to return a plethora of solutions- I concluded that it would be a breeze. The Samsung phone came preinstalled with an app that would move the data for me.

I unboxed the new phone, oohed and aahed at the sleek shiny thing, momentarily grumbled that it was longer than my iPhone7 and then decided I would get used to it. Then I started the move process. Step 1 was to backup iPhone. I had done this several times throughout all the years I’d had an iPhone- no big deal. The first surprise was when my computer told me I had never backed up that phone. I thought to myself- that’s strange and somewhat unlike me but not impossible. I shrugged it off and began the backup.

While it was going on, I kept reading ahead in the instructions and it said the backup should not be encrypted. I glanced at iTunes and sure enough, I was doing an encrypted backup. I frantically aborted mission and decided to start over with an unencrypted backup. However, that checkbox was greyed out and I couldn’t ungrey it out. Thus began my search on Google for how to resolve this.

From what I gathered, my iPhone had MDM on it (basically tight security). And how did I get such tight security?? I downloaded something on my phone a while ago so I could get free wifi at work (at a company I no longer worked in). Also, I couldn’t remove that ‘security’. Hence I couldn’t move my data with the nifty Samsung app or anything else I knew of.

And oh, for some reason my contacts were not in my google account- they were either on icloud or on the phone and I couldn’t figure out how to move them. So a few of lessons here: back up your devices regularly and think twice before downloading security profiles on your phone- make sure you have a plan for how and when to remove it. Also, put your contacts in a platform neutral location- like gmail/google.

Finally, I went to the Sprint store and they were able to use their fancy machine to move my contacts and some of my pictures and that was it. Over a hundred videos didn’t transfer (but thankfully I found them on the Samsung later on in some obscure place), or any of my apps or app data. So bye bye all the Whatsapp chats I had been hoarding keeping for years, with all the pictures and videos and memes from my family chats, all my calendar settings and reminders (so if I forget to cancel all my free trials and go into forever debt, we’ll know why), etc.

I’m currently still adjusting to the new phone. I’m constantly looking for where a particular app is. I’m still not adept at doing screenshots. However, I will say that I tested out the camera (for a selfie of course) and let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed ;). I also have to figure out Bixby (the Siri of Samsung) and how I can use her efficiently. Then there’s “Hey Google” as well. Question: why do we have Hey Google and Bixby? Will either get jealous if they don’t get equal attention use and then attempt to sabotage me? I guess I’ll find out.


First selfie and picture on the new phone- complete with filter 😉

Another thing I’m struggling with is the emojis! They are similar to the iPhone ones but not quite there appearance wise (kind of like Picasso vs kindergarten doodle; ok maybe not so drastic of a difference)- and I have to build up my most frequently used emojis all over again. So I guess my brain is going through some retraining and according to research that’s good for the health :). Ok, definitely don’t quote me on that but it HAS to be good for you, amirite?

Seriously, I’m just glad that through all the struggles thus far (that aren’t over yet, by the way) I’m now in a place where I don’t have to be one of those people who say or text back “New phone, who dis?”. Also, quite honestly, I don’t regret switching (yet) despite all the drama.

This is a major lesson for me in letting go and I am learning how to be patient with myself when I struggle to do simple tasks on this new phone- things like just answering my phone or checking voicemail. However, I count it all joy!


Have you ever made a major phone switch like this?  What was your experience? Also, team iPhone or team android?




  1. Omorin Muoka · March 24

    Too funny!! I remember when I switched from blackberry to iPhone-aaargggghhhh! I had also been ‘promised’ all my contacts, pictures, etc would be moved seamlessly over, errrr-no! I still have the blackberry and haven’t moved all the contacts, pics and videos over yet(2 years later!!)🤦🏽‍♀️
    Now when I think that I want to change from the iPhone(to what?), I get palpitations!!! Can I really break free???😀
    Well done for going for it-not sure I am that brave, yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • omobtomtom · March 24

      Oh wow- you still have the blackberry?? haha. Unfortunately, in my case, I have to return the iPhone. I was given 30 days … tick tock 😉


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