Places I have Run Outside

I love running and I think it’s fun to keep track of places I’ve run outside in. Sorry treadmills, but you won’t be recognized in this post ;). When traveling, I try to plan such that I can get a run in, especially if I am training for a race. One time, I almost forgot to pack my running shoes [the horror!] but I remembered just in the nick of time!

Kalamazoo, MI

Battle Creek, MI

Duabi, United Arab Emirates

Los Angeles, CA

Evanston, IL

Lagos, Nigeria

Williams, AZ

Houston, TX [The Woodlands]

St. Louis, MO

Springfield, IL

Atlanta, GA

Fort Wayne, IN

Columbus, IN

Chicago, IL

San Francisco, CA (suburbs)

Nashville, TN

Cookeville, TN

Washington, D.C.

Newark, England

Rome, Italy

Den Haag, Netherlands

Algarve, Portugal


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