Places I have Run Outside

I love running and I think it’s fun to keep track of places I’ve run outside in. Sorry treadmills, but you won’t be recognized in this post ;). When traveling, I try to plan such that I can get a run in, especially if I am training for a race. One time, I almost forgot to pack my running shoes [the horror!] but I remembered just in the nick of time!

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

New Orleans, LA

Grand Rapids, MI

Seattle, WA

Toronto, CA

Boston, MA

Pittsburgh, PA

Windsor, Canada

Detroit, MI

Mattawan, MI

Marshall, MI

Portage, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

Battle Creek, MI

Duabi, United Arab Emirates

Los Angeles, CA

Evanston, IL

Lagos, Nigeria

Williams, AZ

Houston, TX [The Woodlands]

St. Louis, MO

Springfield, IL

Atlanta, GA

Fort Wayne, IN

Columbus, IN

Chicago, IL

San Francisco, CA (suburbs)

Nashville, TN

Cookeville, TN

Washington, D.C.

Newark, England

Rome, Italy

Den Haag, Netherlands

Algarve, Portugal

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