The one about Being Welcomed In The Wild Wild West

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I took the shuttle to the trail head and started my descent. The South Kaibab Trail was significantly redder than the Bright Angel Trail and definitely more challenging-even going down. But it was fun and had several great view points. A reward for about every mile or half mile of hiking. There was the Ooh-Aah point, Read More

The one about My Grand Canyon Adventures

I had just got back from the Christmas/New Year Holidays in England and Portugal and I was back at work. So understandably, I had contracted a very serious case of wanderlust almost immediately upon my return. I started to make a list (I love lists!) of places I would like to visit- I’m not sure why I thought this would be helpful but it turns out it was because  Read More

The one about Running At An Elevation of 7,000 ft.

Considering that over 90% of my running has been done at an elevation of about 600 ft., you can imagine that running at an elevation of close to 7 thousand (7,000) ft. probably felt a tad bit different. And that was definitely a huge understatement!

Why on earth would I go somewhere ~7,000 ft. above sea level to run? Well, I am glad you asked! No, I am not training for the Boston Marathon, or any race for that matter. I was in  Read More