The one about The Day Of The Belgian Waffle

The day was April the 14th and the year was 2015.

That day, we went to Brussels, Belgium from Den Haag, Netherlands just for the day. It was going to be a [relatively] short journey, seeing as we were going to an entirely different country (don’t you just love that about Europe?). More importantly, it was going to be fun and waffle filled!

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The one about My Craziest Travel Itinerary Ever

I don’t even know how it got this crazy. I just kept adding and adding destinations until finally I had to tell myself the truth: I couldn’t do it all. There just weren’t enough vacation days; or money, for that matter. I suppose there are people out there who have had crazier itineraries but this was my first time doing a sort of faux ‘backpacking through Europe’ trip so it was crazy for me.  Read More