The one about The Best Way To Miss Your Flight

Yes, there is an ideal way to miss your flight and I will share how I discovered it. It has become a pattern for me to run late when traveling, however hard I try. So I decided to attempt to perfect the art of missing flights. As for the issue of close calls, it is getting better- I am learning from each travel experience but it is still an area that needs improvement nonetheless.

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The one about Moonshine Tasting

By the third one, I was done.

Correction- I didn’t even get as far as starting on the third one. I had to humbly decline after number two. I was trying to live in the moment, experience new things, because #yolo. But even that has a limit, right? It tasted nasty like fire and it didn’t stop there. I could feel the heat all the way to my stomach. But … I can now say I have tasted moonshine.

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The one about 15 Days In Japan

Today’s post is a first of it’s kind on Oh the Places She’ll Go. This is because I am featuring my first guest! *drum roll*

I’ve known Alfonso since June 2011. We met the first day of orientation at our first grown up jobs and even though we’ve never worked in the same building, let alone same state, we have done a great job of maintaining and growing our friendship throughout these years.

He is a sucker for wanderlust, like me, and has traveled to 21 countries, spanning 4 continents. He is also a great photographer- seriously, check out his instagram page, and has won multiple awards for his pictures. He enjoys hiking and meeting fellow wanderlusters.

Recently, he took a 15 day trip to Japan and I’m honored, really privileged, to share his journey with you through a selection of his pictures and the captions he paired with each picture.

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