The one about Actually Completing My First Full Marathon: Grand Rapids Marathon Race Recap

Phew! That might just be the longest blog post title I’ve ever written ;). So yes, the tl;dr version of this post is that I finished the marathon. And that alone, is EVERYTHING! I should just end the post here, enough said, *mic drop*. But no, I like to be extra on occasion, so I will provide a painfully Read More

The one about My First Full Marathon

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a post or anything. You see, I haven’t actually run the marathon yet but I figured I could still make a post about it in anticipation, right? It’s 10 days away and I’m nervous. That is an understatement. The thing I’m most scared about is Read More

The one about My Journey To Another PR

Just a few weeks before my recent half marathon, I was telling my friend that I was sure my PR (personal record) days were over. To be honest, I was tired. Literally tired and then tired of training. I had been “training” for over 3 months through a particularly trying winter and I was just ready to be done so I wouldn’t have to run for some time. And by training, I mean Read More