The one about Mis Adventuras En Peru

I finally got round to editing my video clips from Peru and a fresh new vlog is out! yay! After many hours, weeks, and days of procrastinating, I finally said “enough” late last night and got ‘er done! And then it took forever to upload to YouTube…

But at 1.30 am, I wasn’t going to risk going to bed only to wake up the next day and Read More

The one about More Reflections On My Trip To Machu Picchu

How could I possibly have more reflections to write about? Well, my friends, it was a 4 day hike and I was mostly hiking by myself (due to being super slow) so I had a lot of time to reflect and talk to myself. Out loud sometimes. No, I am not kidding.

If you missed the other post with reflections on my trek, you can read it here. If you didn’t Read More

The one about Some Reflections On My Trek to Machu Picchu

As some of you know- especially if you follow me on instagram and/or facebook- I spent the week of Thanksgiving in Peru. It was my very first time on the continent of South America so I was super excited to visit. I went alone and even though I was a bit nervous about going to a new country which shaky Spanish language skills, I was more nervous about Read More