The one about The Best Way To Miss Your Flight

Yes, there is an ideal way to miss your flight and I will share how I discovered it. It has become a pattern for me to run late when traveling, however hard I try. So I decided to attempt to perfect the art of missing flights. As for the issue of close calls, it is getting better- I am learning from each travel experience but it is still an area that needs improvement nonetheless.

I have several horror stories of running late for a flight but Read More

The one about Itchy Bee

It made perfect sense to me. If you got stung by a bee, it would sting, first of all, but the site of the bite would also itch. That’s what I think, I’ve never actually been stung by a bee [knock on wood]. I also thought it made for a catchy restaurant [or other business establishment] name. But why anyone would want to go to a restaurant named Itchy Bee was beyond me. And this is precisely why I made no comment when Lola talked about how expensive the Uber ride was when she went to Itchy Bee. Read More

The one about The King Of The Baby Goat

El Rey Del Cabrito

That is Spanish for “The King of the Baby Goat”. This is a restaurant that I went to while I was in Mexico. I have a friend from work who is from Mexico and before I went, I asked him for fun things to do/places to go while I was down there. This restaurant was on his list. When I also asked my friend who I was going to be staying with about things to do when I came down, she had this restaurant on her list too so I was like, well then, I shall have to go to this place! Read More