The one about Actually Completing My First Full Marathon: Grand Rapids Marathon Race Recap

Phew! That might just be the longest blog post title I’ve ever written ;). So yes, the tl;dr version of this post is that I finished the marathon. And that alone, is EVERYTHING! I should just end the post here, enough said, *mic drop*. But no, I like to be extra on occasion, so I will provide a painfully Read More

The one about My Journey To Another PR

Just a few weeks before my recent half marathon, I was telling my friend that I was sure my PR (personal record) days were over. To be honest, I was tired. Literally tired and then tired of training. I had been “training” for over 3 months through a particularly trying winter and I was just ready to be done so I wouldn’t have to run for some time. And by training, I mean Read More