The one about Sweet Tennessee And The Georgia Peach

What is the first rule of Long Weekends? Yup! You always, always, do something fun. Long weekends are not to be wasted. Sure, you could relax, but you can relax any other weekend :P. These are the weekends that could easily turn into 4 or 5 day vacations if you play your cards right.

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The one about Moonshine Tasting

By the third one, I was done.

Correction- I didn’t even get as far as starting on the third one. I had to humbly decline after number two. I was trying to live in the moment, experience new things, because #yolo. But even that has a limit, right? It tasted nasty like fire and it didn’t stop there. I could feel the heat all the way to my stomach. But … I can now say I have tasted moonshine.

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